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Healthy Seas UK Dive

creative innovation

Fuelled by innovation and committed to design, Milliken makes bespoke carpet designs. During a partnership with Healthy Seas, abandoned fishing materials were collected from the seabed in order to recycle it as yarn for Milliken’s new carpet collection. We joined Milliken and Healthy Seas on a boat in Plymouth to witness the process of retrieving the fishing nets from the sea.

beautiful narrative to highlight the industry leading work

This exploration formed short social media videos as well as a longer 4-minute film. The aim of the videos was to be used by Milliken as promotional content, not only for the new carpet collection but as tools for the sales team to use when pitching to new clients. We wanted the videos to have a cinematic and arty feel and stand out from the work we’ve previously done with Milliken, yet still create something that fit with their brand. The sound design was a key part of this process, including both an emotive music track and foley sound effects, which helped bring the piece to life.