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FED UP: Flavour SenseNation
December 2015
Science Gallery London

Science Gallery London looks to explore thought-provoking and unique topics by blending science, art and technology. We captured their pre-opening event FED UP: Flavour SenseNation, focusing on the future of food. Flavour SenseNation was the key event of the FED UP Season and was put in collaboration with The Welcome Trust. Filming at this event at King’s College London Strand Campus, we challenged all the things The Science Gallery wanted to achieve with the season in a sensory way. We did so by capturing footage of the five different stations, each centred around a single sense, in a way which visually presented the sense to the viewer, as well as engaging with people running the stations, plus people who had experienced the event.

Bringing it all together into an event overview, the video was made for Science Gallery London’s newsletters, YouTube and social channels and for the Science Gallery to overview the season. It can also be used as a promotional tool and basis for future projects.