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FED UP: Season Film
January 2016
Science Gallery London

Science Gallery London looks to explore thought-provoking and unique topics by blending science, art and technology. Having followed them ever since their inception, we captured their season FED UP: Future of Food, focusing on exploring issues including waste, sustainability and perception. Filming over the course of the season across London, including Borough Market, we captured multiple events and workshops.

Throughout the season we created various highlights on a range of different topic, including a short four-part series with presenters Jeremiah and Samuel exploring fermented foods in Borough Market. The collection of videos from this season were created for Science Gallery London’s social media channels and website. The videos were used to update their audiences on events that are coming up, as well as showcasing some of the recurring trends and exhibitions.

The FED UP season concluded in the form of an overview season film. The video was made to help educate younger audiences and can be used as a promotional tool and basis for future projects.